The Band

 Latest Rumor is a kick-ass band from Chicago with roots in Texas - Louisiana and even the Jersey Shore with a mix of high octane blues - Americana and some country thrown in to make the perfect recipe for gettin down on on the dance floor.The core of Latest Rumor is the singer/songwriter team of Rumor, Joey O and Sean De Roches with creative lyrics and guitar licks. Rumor can hold a note like a Momma holds her baby, forever.

The band continues the musical journey.........................



“Lead Vocals and Guitar” - “Queen of the Realm” – Moved to London to study music and theater, she is always singing. The checkout clerks at the local shops love it. Her idol is Arwen, "If you want him, come and claim him!" Believes the only constant is change and that goes for the set list too.  She is also an accomplished voice and guitar teacher.

Joey O

 Lead/Rhythm Guitarist -Harmonica - Background vocals - Can't play without dark sunglasses on. Favorite line in a song " there is no better place than the right here and now." Has played all over the US and some other forgotten countries. He has been playing since before his wonder years. Trained at the Chicago Conservatory of music and Columbia College. The zebras at Hearst castle, where are they now? 

Sean De Roches

 Lead/Rhythm Guitarist and vocals. Trained by some of jazz guitars greatest players.  His father is world renowned percussionist Raymond Des Roches. French-Austrian. Loves the sound of music, (rock version). Wants to rule Lichtenstein. Favorite things: wine, woodworking and brown paper packages tied up with string. Has an extensive wardrobe made from curtains. Hands move so fast the fire department must attend every time he plays out.   

David Clarke

  Percussion: Drummer - Background vocals - He can play any beat with or without two feet - an amazing talent he  leads the band through every tune. Not many drummers can play a double pedal single bass drum., maybe one foot just gets tired of playing sometimes.

He likes to practice sets of 20 songs at a time. 

Michael Starks